New content is on the way for Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator will release a new game mode, new content and new challenges on Tuesday 22nd January 2019. The update adds an advanced player-versus-demigod mode where you help a previous character ascend while muzzling – or murdering – one of four displeased immortals.

Cultist Simulator Advanced Mode

The update’s free for all players and entirely optional. It’s unlocked by beating the ‘normal’ game, and if you’re up for the challenge, adds a whole new level of complexity to master.


  • MAJOR VICTORIES: You achieved immortality? Well done. Now, the hard bit. Play as your own Apostle, executing a doomsday plan to make your immortal character something like a god. Pursue the path of Grail, Lantern or Forge. Assemble the Great Feast; open a door into light; or Bring the Dawn.
  • MOAR LORE: Delve even further into the rich lore of Cultist Simulator. What is the Dawnbreaker Device? Where is the flaw in the world to be found? What is the Third Mode of the Tricuspid Gate? Who are the avid, ancient, brilliant women who call themselves the Ligeians… and why are they helping you?
  • IMMORTAL ENEMIES: They’re here to prevent your greater ascension, and add challenge and replay value while they’re at it. These powerful NPCs make Detectives and Rivals look like playground bullies. See your loved ones kidnapped; your finances shredded; your affairs exposed to the public; your dreams become a battleground. Confront them in person, if you dare.


Along with the new content, we’re also releasing Cultist Simulator’s 15-track OST from the same delectable composer as Fallen London and Sunless Sea. It’ll release across Steam, Humble, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Bandcamp at £7.99 / $9.99.

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