New PlayStation Feature Lets You Create In-Game Notes

Sony’s next-gen console is coming with more features and content. Now, there is a new PlayStation 5 feature that lets you create in-game notes for others.

A brand new feature is coming to PlayStation 5

There are a ton of social and community driven-features currently available on PS5 but it seems Sony plans to keep expanding them. Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent for a feature that’ll boost PlayStation’s social capabilities. The feature in question allows you, your friends, or content creators to leave text and audio notes inside game spaces.

The feature works in both single and multiplayer games. The text and audio notes left by others will act as “Walkthroughs” and “tips” to help you complete challenging scenarios. For example, the notes can explain “what to do” and “where to go.” We can say that this feature will be similar to Souls-like games. As you may know, you can put notes down in order to give players some hints.New PlayStation Feature Lets You Create In-Game Notes

”the generation, association, and display of in-game tags are disclosed. such tags introduce an additional dimension of community participation to both single and multiplayer games. through such tags, players are empowered to communicate through filtered text messages and images as well as audio clips that other game players, including top-rated players, have generated and placed at particular coordinates and/or in context of particular events within the game space. the presently described in-game tags and associated user-generated content further allow for label based searches with respect to gameplay.” says about the new feature of PlayStation on US patent website.

Also, not only the players but also the developers can also benefit from this new feature of PlayStation. They can also put some text or voice messages. For a small fee or for free. That will totally depend on the developer. We are pretty sure that this feature will be game-changing.

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