New update improve vehicle physics in DayZ

Developers of DayZ Standalone game, Bohemia Interactive released a new update for DayZ. New update is focusing on vehicle physics and improving gestures and IK poses, also there some minor improvements in hit animations. 

DayZ Beta 0.63.149525 patch notes

You can find the detailed patch notes below:


  • Added: Reworked vehicle physics
  • Added: Improvements to vehicles simulation
  • Added: Minor improvement to IK poses
  • Added: Minor improvements to heavy hit animations
  • Added: Animations for drop item in different stances
  • Added: Upon reconnect items with changed size (design tweaks) are now dropped on the ground if not enough space in the inventory


  • Fixed: Invisible items after being dropped during gestures
  • Fixed: VOIP directional sounds not working properly on 5.1 and 7.1 setups
  • Fixed: Character falling from tilted ladders
  • Fixed: Infected getting stuck in crouch animation
  • Fixed: Engines not shutting down after being destroyed
  • Fixed: Multitude of environmental issues (missing collisions, sudden LOD changes, models adjustments)
  • Fixed: Various client/server errors related to in-game actions
  • Fixed: Tachometer (rpm gauge) displayed incorrectly while gear in neutral position
  • Fixed: Missing cooking sounds
  • Fixed: Smoke from indoor fireplace not escaping through chimney
  • Fixed: Restrained character not dying after disconnecting
  • Fixed: Fixed a VME message, that could pop up on some clients upon launch and crash them.


  • Tweaked: Vehicles sounds
  • Tweaked: Ambient sounds
  • Tweaked: Sounds of jammed weapons
  • Tweaked: Sound of eating pills action
  • Tweaked: Changes to input system (not yet ready)
  • Tweaked: Changes to chem-light models when activated


  • Fixed: Crash when the author of a subscribe mod wasn’t correctly retrieved
  • Fixed: The URL of the workshop was incorrect in some places
  • Removed: skipIntro startup parameter (no longer supported)

 Known Issues:

  • guns losing their shot sounds
  • melee attacks always heavy, unless stamina is depleted

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