New video shown PS5 loading time improvement

21 May 2019 Tuesday
New video shown PS5 loading time improvement
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

It's blazing fast!

The PlayStation 5 release date is still a mystery. However, we now know much more about Sony's next-generation console. Last month, PlayStation 5's hardware designer shared the first information about the hardware to be used in the PS5. PlayStation 5 exclusive PlayStation 4 Marvel's Spider Man running and the game loading time is 10 times faster than the loading time on PlayStation 4. Takashi Mochizuki, the Wall Street Journal technology editor, shared a video from Sony's PlayStation 5 closed session through the official twitter account. This video shows the difference between the loading times mentioned last month.

Sony released a video showing PlayStation 5's fast loading time

Playstation 5's loading time is compared to the PlayStation 4's loading time has shown from a special presentation to the press. We can easily say that the game in the video is Marvel's Spider Man. The difference between loading times can easily be seen. In PlayStation 4, the game is loaded in 00.08.16 seconds and in Playstation 5 it is seen that the game is loaded in 00.00.83. Sony has also released a presentation file with this press release. This file can be found