News From “InSight”: The Nasa Vehicle On Mars

NASA succeeded in landing the spacecraft named InSight launched on May 5, 2018. Finally reached the surface of Mars after a 6-month journey. InSight, whose task is to examine seismic activities deep in Mars, also includes a piercing arm to study underground. Thanks to this arm, various data are obtained by drilling holes in the surface.

Breaking news from Mars Surface

Examining the images that came during the drilling task on June 20, NASA announced that the piercing arm was stuck on the surface. Images shared by NASA show that the piercing arm is stuck to the surface and cannot be removed.

NASA says that such a jam has occurred because of the soil that has accumulated around the piercing arm. Authorities will try to save the mechanism from where it is stuck after filling the arm around the ground with increased friction.

Let’s get to know InSight closely

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The American Aviation and Space Agency NASA landed the Mars exploration vehicle InSight on the surface of the Red Planet. So InSight became the first spacecraft to land on NASA six years later. The spacecraft journey took 6 months.
It is stated that the vehicle, whose speed increases with its entry into the atmosphere, reduces the impact of hitting the red planet by opening its parachutes, and the vehicle landed on a plateau in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

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Scientists said that the tool would not do any research during the first 6 weeks. They added that scientists would monitor the general condition of InSight during this time. They added that after this time, the robotic arm of the vehicle would leave the vehicle’s seismometer on the surface of Mars and that the seismometer would begin to record vibrations by descending to a depth of about 2 meters from the ground of the planet in 40 days. Something went wrong and we heard the sad news. The robotic arm of the vehicle is stuck on the surface of Mars. With NASA’s spacecraft, Opportunity, on Mars, shut down, Mars research was slowing down. They hoped InSight would close this gap and convey detailed information about Mars to both the surface and the underground structure.

If anything happens, we’ll miss you, “InSight”. We hope this situation will solve. The Red Planet is waiting for its explorers to discover it.

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