Nintendo Switch surpassed PS4 sales number in Japan

As you already know, Nintendo and Sony are one of the biggest companies in Japan. Also, they are really competing with each other in the gaming market with amazing consoles like PlayStation and Switch

Nintendo Switch surpassed PS4 sales number in Japan

Last years, this competition was continuing in the favor of Sony because of the success of PlayStation 4 and fail of Wii U. But after years of hard work, Nintendo revealed their next generation of console, Nintendo Switch. After the release of the Nintendo Switch, this competition turns against Sony and sales number of Nintendo Switch was climbing fast and fast every month. And finally, today new data released from Famitsu that reveals Nintendo Switch finally surpassed the sale numbers of PlayStation 4 in Japan. By today, the total sale number of PlayStation 4 is 8.042.166 units and 8.047.754 for Nintendo Switch.

It is a big deal if you consider that the Nintendo Switch just released in 2 years ago but PlayStation 4 released back in 2013. So, good job Nintendo!

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