Resident Evil Village Review Scores And Launch Trailer

With the end of the Resident Evil Village review embargo, the game’s review scores started to be published. Unfortunately, the game reached us on the day of the embargo, so we need some time to review it. After completing the game and looking at the necessary aspects in detail, we will be here with the Resident Evil Village review content as soon as possible. When we look at the global scores of the game, we can say that it does not surprise us. Just like in the Resident Evil 7 game, let us remind you that the game that we manage the character of Ethan Winters and draws attention with its story will be available for download as of today.

Resident Evil Village Review Scores And Launch Trailer

Resident Evil Village Review Scores Published

When we look at the Metacritic Resident Evil Village review scores of the game, we see that it received an average of 84 points on the Playstation 5 platform, 85 on the PC platform, and 82 on the Xbox Series X platform. Also, no reviews have been made for the Stadia, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game. The scores of the game are generally listed as 90% positive on all platforms and approximately 10% as an average. So, Resident Evil Village Review scores are as follows;

  • Game Informer: 93/100
  • Easy Allies: 90/100
  • The Sixth Axis: 90/100
  • Gamespot: 90/100
  • Push Square: 90/100
  • Screen Rant: 90/100
  • Destructoid: 90/100
  • Eurogamer Italy: 90/100
  • Hardcore Gamer: 90/100
  • EGM: 80/100
  • VG247: 80/100
  • IGN: 80/100
  • Guardian: 80/100
  • VGC: 80/100
  • Comicbook: 80/100
  • Games Radar +: 70/100

Apart from the review scores, the Resident Evil Village release video was also shared. Although Capcom generally likes to post very long videos, he has made one of the shortest debut videos. This video, which includes some story details, is only 33 seconds long. Finally, you can check out the launch trailer video below.

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