Team Fortress 2 Anti-Cheat Bots Are On The Duty

Anti-cheat bots began to appear against cheaters in Team Fortress 2. The game remains one of the most popular games of our day. These bots hunt cheat users using the cheat. Team Fortress 2, which still played by hundreds of thousands of players. Despite its debut in 2007, unfortunately, continues to experience one of the difficulties of every online game: Cheaters. Players who find Valve’s solutions insufficient have now started to apply their own methods.

Team Fortress 2 Anti-Cheat Bots Are On The Duty

Anti-Cheat Bots Developed By The Team Fortress 2 Community

Players who waged war against cheaters put anti-cheat bots called cheater terminators into the Team Fortress 2. Bots can add to any multiplayer room. And bots follow players by sticking to their collar, whose behavior seems strange to other players. These bots, known as ‘Bot Extermination Services’ in the game and which are actually cheaters themselves. They programmed with artificial intelligence and begin to kill other cheaters by targeting them. So cheaters brutally killed by a cheating bot. Where these boots came from remains a mystery for now.

The bots developed by LmaoBox, which sell cheats for Team Fortress 2, according to a Reddit user. So why did a cheater team develop a bot to counter their cheats? Allegedly, LmaoBox thought its sales would drop if everyone cheated. And he tried to balance this with anti-cheat bots in the game. Selling cheats and then providing anti-cheat protection can be a very smart and in-depth capitalist solution. Still, non-cheating players express their satisfaction with the presence of anti-cheat bots. However, some players also comment that the game will turn into a war between bots.

Trying to protect its audience, Valve made some innovations earlier this year to make things easier. However, these innovations did not stop the cheaters in Team Fortress 2. We will only see how far the newly released Team Fortress 2 anti-cheat bots will advance the situation.

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