RIFT is Celebrating its 8th Anniversary with big update

22 Mar 2019 Friday
RIFT is Celebrating its 8th Anniversary with big update
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

Update Gives Players New Expert Dungeon and a Colorful Carnival

The Gamigo group is excited to announce the latest update to its popular MMORPG RIFT, packed with exciting new features and community events. This update, 4.8, includes two major new content initiatives:

RIFT 8th Anniversary Update

  • Expert Dungeon: Enclave of Ahnket - The Enclave of Ahnket is a five-man expert dungeon where players will travel from Alittu to the Tower of Ahnket. As they venture to the tower, the Ascended must fight their way through simulacrum standing in their way, before ultimately establishing a base camp for further expeditions.

  • World Event: Carnival of the Ascended – RIFT will celebrate its 8th Anniversary with a worldwide Carnival celebration, including various exciting carnival games and special items. The update makes a plethora of mounts, essences, costumes, pets, consumables and titles available for purchase with Auroral Doubloons, Glass Beads and Prize Tickets.