Shadow of the Tomb Raider infuriated the players

Shadow of the Tomb Raider came quietly to the market in the days we left behind. In addition to the dynamics that can be considered as fun, the players are happy to focus more on the story than the other two games. However, we can only say that the players who play the game on the console platform are delighted. Because the PC version of the game, most players, but not all players infuriated. After the first day patch published for the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the number of players who can not enter the game due to Out of Memory error with black screen error, is a lot. While a little change made on Steam can fix the problem, this solution doesn’t work for every player who gets the error.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s PC errors could not be fixed

Players are waiting for the new patch from the developer team, Crystal Dynamics. A similar situation happened to the players who bought PES 2019 for the PC platform. The online servers of the game were not running and is still not corrected by Konami. We hope that PC players will take a sigh of relief soon. In contrast, two games are running smoothly on the console platform.

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