Shin Akuma is Finally Playable in Street Fighter: Alpha 2

Street Fighter: Alpha 2 came up 25 years ago. And after 25 years, a modder found out how to unlock Shin Akuma on the game.

You can unlock Shin Akuma for Street Fighter: Alpha 2  on SNES

Gizaha, a modder who was looking into reverse-engineering the game’s code to improve performance, accidentally came across the method to unlock Shin Akuma, something everyone in the gaming world assumed to be impossible until recently. You know what they say: Impossible is nothing! So the modder proves how true these words are.

It is definitely mind-blowing that this came out after 25 years. All most all players thought this was impossible to do eventually. 2021 may not be the best year for humanity, but there is some interesting news coming up even in the early days of the year. We should be thankful to the modder Gizaha for finding out how to unlock Shin Akuma. So here is how it goes:Shin Akuma is Finally Playable in Street Fighter 2: Alpha

In order to unlock the character in Street Fighter: Alpha 2 on the SNES (Or any port of the game), please follow these steps:

  • Beat Alpha 2’s Arcade Mode and receive a new number-one high score
  • Enter the initials “KAJ” when prompted to record the score and then head back to the title screen
  • A second controller is necessary to complete the next part, as player two needs to hold down L, X, Y, and Start all together at the start screen while the first navigates and selects Versus
  • Once the character select screen loads, either player can pick Shin Akuma by simply holding Start while choosing the character
  • Akuma’s grey gi will turn purple at the stage select screen if the code was successful

This method also works in Arcade Mode as well. But some players state that the game is facing problems after unlocking Shin Akuma in the Arcade Mode.

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