Some developers pulling their games’ releases from Steam

Valve’s Steam platform is currently the biggest digital market in gaming industry. Last week, Epic Games announced their digital store as a rival for Steam. And Epic Games Store are giving better conditions to developers. And seems so, they have already influenced some developers.

Some developers are pulling games’ releases from Steam

Steam is cutting % 30 of developers earning, when a game releases in the platfrom. But Epic Games Store is cutting only % 12 from developers. Because of that some game developers are pulling games back from Steam.

Coffee Stain Studios which is the company behind Satisfactory, is removing his game from Steam. Genesis Alpha One developer Team17 stated that the game won’t release in Steam. And some other developers are taking same actions. 

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A survey has shown that the developers don’t believe Steam is worth % 30 of their earnings. Developers are losing their belief in Steam and that is why they are going to Epic Games Store.

It seems Epic Games Store will grow in time. They can a good rival for Steam or maybe not, we are not sure yet. But Valve will need to take some actions about their digital platform.

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