Sony Interactive Entertainment trademarked PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10

PlayStation 5 is still a year away from the initial launch but it is clear that Sony Interactive Entertainment is carefully planning the console’s future. Over the course of this month, Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed trademarks for PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10, to secure the short names for the PlayStation console. Sony apparently guarantees the console ‘s trademarks as they were a little late with the first PlayStation’s trademark. You can find the Sony’s previous trademarks for the PS with links provided by Gematsu.

  • PS (Released in 1994, trademarked in 2000)
  • PS2 (released in 2000, trademarked in 1999)
  • PS3 (released in 2006, trademarked in 2005)
  • PS4 (released in 2013, trademarked in 2006)
  • PS5 (released in 2020, trademarked in 2006)

While the PlayStation 5 is on its way, Sony might have more patents and trademarks to come in the near future. After revealing the PS5 this month, Sony announced new potential technologies for the console including their brand new DualShock controller. We might even hear them getting trademark before the start of the next year. 

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