Speedrun tests on Microsoft Word made by streamers are popular now

Streamers who do speedruns for old games are now pitching into a different event. The streamers, who are famous for the speedrun broadcasts in Twitch, trying to break the speedrun record in Microsoft Word. Streamers who are trying to write all the numbers from 1 to 100 quickly have developed quite different techniques. Streamer named Skilloz (he didn’t use any feature of Word) holds the record of 26 seconds.

Speedrun trials in Microsoft Word became famous on the Internet

On the other hand, a streamer named zaszthecroc broke this record in another way using the features of Microsoft Word in 16 seconds. The rules of the competition are quite simple. If you want to do speedrun in Microsoft Word;

1- You must start with a blank Microsoft Word page. Ctrl + V is strictly forbidden.

2- All the numbers you write from 1 to 100 have to be on the same page.

3- It is forbidden to use Script/Macro and fonts that Word doesn’t have.

World Record

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