Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Prophet & The Warlock DLC coming to macOS and Linux

Feral Interactive today announced that The Prophet & The Warlock DLC, for the epic fantasy strategy game Total War: WARHAMMER II, will be coming to macOS and Linux shortly after Windows. Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Prophet & The Warlock DLC was originally developed by Creative Assembly in partnership with Games Workshop and published by SEGA for Windows.

Total War: Warhammer 2 DLC release date

The Prophet & The Warlock DLC brings a host of rich additions to Total War: WARHAMMER II including:

  • Two new Legendary Lords, Ikit Claw (Skaven) and Tehenhauin (Lizardmen), with their own quest-chains, legendary items and skill trees.
  • Two new playable factions, Clan Skryre (Skaven) or the Cult of Sotek (Lizardmen), with unique new campaign mechanics.
  • Nine new battlefield units and variants, including the bullet-spewing Ratling Gun Weapon Teams and the fearsome Ripperdactyls.
  • New Regiments of Renown for players to unlock, recruit and field.  

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