Turkish Ministy of Commence started an investigation on PS Store

Last month, Turkish players were organized for high prices of PS Store and inform against PlayStation Turkiye to Ministry of Commence. Ministry of Commence evaluated complaints and announced they started an investigation to Sony Eurasia about “Increased Prices in PlayStation Store”. 

Turkish Ministy of Commence started an investigation for high prices in PS Store

Increased price in PlayStation Store made all players angry. So those angry players made complaints to Ministry of Commence. And Market Surveillance General Management -a branch of Ministy of Commence- started an investigation due to Turkish Consumers Protection Law.

Ministry of Commence made a statement about situation:

“Under the name of PlayStation brand, your company is selling IPs like Red Dead Redemption 2, NBA 2K19, Far Cry 5 and God of War. The complaints claimed that these games’ prices were increased more than normal in September and October months in PlayStation Store, so consumers were affected in a negative way and they claimed it is deceptive and misleading.” 

For these allegations, Management wanted explanations for these two situation.

– The Detailed information and documents about which price The companies are selling these products in Europe.

– An explanation if PlayStation Eurasia changed prices when Turkish Lira’s exchange rate changed against Dollar. Dollar’s exchange rate dropped % 21 in last months. 

It seems like a good idea for players. We can say that they are looking for justice. But there is a little problem here. The prices in Turkey PS Store are managed by UK office of PlayStation. So they are claiming wrong company. We will see will it affect prices in PS Store in the future. But we are almost sure, it won’t. 

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