Twin Mirror is Coming Soon

Twin Mirror is an upcoming adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment. The game will come out for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2020. The game’s co-producers is Shibuya Productions and publisher is Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Twin Mirror is a third-person adventure game. Journalist Sam, who came home in Basswood, West Virginia, will be the main character of the game. Interactive environment and its objects will be available. There are multiple ends to unlock based on Sam’s choices. Players navigate the real world to discover the clues from Sam’s “Mind Palace.” The inner voice of Sam, the Double, may help, or hurt the inquiry.

Twin Mirror is Coming Soon

Twin Mirror started development with a separate team of senior developers in 2016, working in collaboration with publisher Bandai Namco. By September 2018, about 40 people had been working on it. Matthew Ritter, lead writer and adventure games such as the Beneath a Steel Sky and the Space Quest were influenced. Unlike earlier titles, Dontnod wanted the game to be empty of any supernatural features. The game’s main concept is duality, according to art director Pierre-Etienne Travers. The decision was to expand its appeal to a fictional US region, based on southwestern Virginia.

So, when is Twin Mirror coming?

The game will be available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One the following year and featured its debut trailer in June 2018. Later that we learnt Lost on Arrival would be the first of three. In June 2019 the match was postponed until 2020. Additionally, the one-year version of Microsoft Windows will only be available in the Epic Games Store. In Japan, Twin Mirror is not out yet. In the end, we saw a teaser trailer during the PC Gaming Show 2020, showing that the game is now no longer episodic.

You can watch the new trailer of Twin Mirror from the link below!

Twin Mirror Game Trailer Video

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