Venture Through the Black Desert World with New Dream Horse Diné

 A new Dream Horse, Diné, is coming to Black Desert Online SEA today, along with in-game events and giveaways celebrating the game’s 10 million registered players worldwide. 

Much like Arduanatt, Diné is a Tier 9 horse that can be awakened from a Tier 8 Courser. Adventurers wanting to awaken Diné should focus their items on Elegance Training. Diné also has three skills including the Earth of Life, a healing skill unique to Diné, which allows her to heal herself and those around her. Another major advantage of Diné is that the white and gold unicorn can charge through the desert at a rapid pace, allowing Adventurers to save time traveling through regions such as Valencia and gain an upper hand during conquest wars.

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Black Desert Online SEA will also host the second part of events to celebrate reaching 10 million registered users. From November 7 to 21, Adventurers that collect three items, one from each of the three life skills of hunting, gathering and fishing, can obtain a Jolly Gift Box via Simple Alchemy as part of the “Take the Road to Riches!” event. The Jolly Gift Boxes will contain highly-valuable items such as Dandelion Weapon Boxes, Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Boxes, Nouver's Sealed Sub-weapon Boxes and much more.

In addition, Adventurers can earn up to 140 million silver just by playing the game from November 7 to 28. After 100 minutes of play time, Adventurers will receive 10 million silver once a day, for a maximum of 140 million silver over the 14 days. More information about all the events can be found here.

To keep up with the growing number of players in Southeast Asia, an additional server, Kamasylvia, has also been added to Black Desert Online SEA. 

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