What do we expect from Blizzcon 2018?

What are the surprises Blizzard has prepared for this year?

The Blizzcon event, which has been organized for 13 years now and has become a traditional one, has again excited the gamers this year. We are sure that we will see beautiful announcements at the event where new productions of Blizzard, one of the best quality companies of the game world, are introduced. We have listed what we want to see in the Blizzcon 2018 fair which we are as excited as much as you. Don’t forget to mention your expectations we did not mention in this article in the comment section!

What do we want to see in Blizzcon 2018?

Diablo, it is!

The Diablo series, PC platform’s fastest-selling game, released their last game in 2012. Later, with the Reaper of the Soul update, the Diablo 3 is still being played by hundreds of thousands of players. The production that connects the players, thanks to the seasonal tasks, is expected to announce the new game at Blizzcon 2018.

Blizzcon 2018 will be held in Anaheim Event Center on November 2nd and 3rd, if Diablo 4 is going to be announced, we can predict that it will shake the entire game world. Diablo 3 was a very successful product of Blizzard. The production is expected to continue with the story with Diablo 4, and hopefully will have a structure that drives the player to explore like Diablo 2.

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We are even down for Diablo 2 Remastered

Diablo 2 continues to be played by many players despite its old structure. The chances of re-playing the game was quite high because of its darker structure and a more detailed character development system than Diablo 3.

If the remastered version of the second game is going to be announced, we can be sure that the older players will be playing it 7/24.

Then let’s continue with Diablo: Diablo TV series

Diablo’s animated-themed TV series recently announced by Netflix excited even the players unfamiliar with the Diablo series. Netflix executives, who put a quality job on Castlevania, will take over the Diablo universe this time. The Diablo series, which has a universe as large as Warcraft’s, will probably be PG 18.

We do not know which story the series will be based on but the people are expected to watch the story of the people between the angels and the demons. Perhaps the series will tell the stories of Diablo that are not considered in the game series. In addition, Netflix also works on the animation series of Assassin’s Creed.

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A new World of Warcraft expansion pack!

Blizzard, who won back the players they lost because of the Legion expansion pack, took the players to a new adventure with Battle for Azeroth. Officials who have been introducing each new expansion pack in Blizzcon since the Wrath of the Lich King might be bringing the new expansion pack to the players at Blizzcon 2018 this year.

In addition, the boring task system in Battle for Azeroth is expected to be fixed with new patches. Blizzard will probably show the road map of Battle for Azeroth, even if it doesn’t announce a new package this year. Hopefully, the opening date of the classic World of Warcraft server will be announced at Blizzcon 2018.

Heartstone’s new package

We will get new announcements from Heartstone, inspired by the Magic series and becoming a phenomenon thanks to the mobile platform, definitely. Let’s see what changes will producers, who increased the number of cards and balanced the game very well with the expansions pack, make in the game this year.

We are quite curious about Heartstone’s new expansion package, which doesn’t even have any rumors!

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A New Starcraft

Thanks to its compelling nature, our highly complex real-time strategy game Starcraft‘s sequel was released in 2010. Afterwards, Blizzard kept the game up-to-date with the expansion packages. Perhaps this year they will make a surprise and introduce Starcraft 3 to the players?

Is it over? Of course not. What about Warcraft 4?!

The Warcraft series, unfortunately, was never mentioned after World of Warcraft. The Warcraft series, still played by many players, like Diablo 2, is one of the biggest trumps of Blizzard. Authorities who emphasized on World of Warcraft instead of Warcraft, will hopefully announce Warcraft 4 this year.

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New Overwatch character

Overwatch, one of the Blizzard’s most profitable investments, soon became popular with players who love FPS games. The hero-based games that followed it were unfortunately not as successful as Overwatch. For Overwatch, which has less characters than other productions, a new character will probably be announced this year. It is rumored that the new character will be in the DPS class.

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