When does Steam Winter Sale 2018 start?

The biggest digital gaming market Steam is making sales sometimes. This is something like traditional now. Soon Steam Winter Sale will be with us. Do you want to learn when it will be?

Steam Winter Sale will begin 20 December

Steam Winter Sale will being December 20, 2018. The sale will continue until January 3, 2019. Hundreds of games will be on sale in this duration. 

Months ago, a leak showed dates of Halloween Sale and Autumn Sale. This leak also is including Winter Sale dates too and it seems these leaks are all true. 

Valve’s platform Steam is currently biggest gaming market in the world. Epic Games Store and Discord is trying to be a rival for Steam right now, but we are not sure what they are capable of. Steam has a big community (thanks to these sales) and these sales are very important for gamers. Maybe next year, we can see a sale from Epic Games Store or Discord. But till that day, Winter Sale is our only option. 

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