Why Should I Use Cloudflare? – Why Is It Preferred?

Although it seems very easy to create a website, its operation requires a lot of effort and knowledge. Because many points need to be controlled and followed, these include a wide range of titles, from the security of your site to domain name forwarding. In the past years, there was no such complex structure to operate websites. However, with the developing technology, the use of open-source code has increased, and portal management has started to be provided by professional companies and individuals. For this reason, having information about the Cloudflare system, which is used extensively by site administrators, will ease your business. In this article, we will ask you “Why Use Cloudflare? Why Websites Prefer Cloudflare? Does Cloudflare Work?” We will give information about those subjects in our article. Let’s start by answering our first question.

Why Should I Use Cloudflare?

At the beginning of the article, we answered the “Why Use Cloudflare?” question. It is about the reason you created the website. Some sites have been created for shopping, some of them to sell their services and some for informing their followers. As you can understand, websites can start for many different reasons, but we all know that their primary needs are similar. These include many areas from security to access. Cloudflare has essential add-ons provided for these areas. But most of all, since we know that the majority of sites get their traffic from Google, we need to know the needs for it.

Google wants to highlight the sites which are vital in its technical side. Security, speed and accessibility are the most important of these. Cloudflare provides support for all of these.

What is Cloudflare? What are the Benefits?

In simple terms, Cloudflare is a free CDN product that protects against threats such as SQL injection and identity theft. It is a system that gives users and site visitors the chance to surf the internet comfortably with the services it contains. You can find some of the critical services it offers below.

Site Speed

By using multiple data centres located around the world, it improves the performance of the sites, thus shortening the loading times. It physically redirects the site visitor to the closest server, allowing your website to open faster.


It supports your infrastructure regarding security, which is another feature we mentioned above. Spam and malware can be installed on your site while searches or specially developed bots are scanning your site. Thanks to Cloudflare, questionable content can block as your visitors see your site cache. Cloudflare’s services protect you from malicious viruses, spam and unnecessary traffic flows.


Accessibility is another critical service provided by Cloudflare. Although hosting companies guarantee 99% uptime (access time to your site), problems can occur in practice. Because Cloudflare is in constant communication with your site, it offers your visitors the pages that it keeps in its infrastructure when there is a server access problem. In this way, the uptime of your site also increases, allowing your visitors to browse without being affected. In this way, it supported for accessibility, one of Google’s favourite features.

Which Websites Prefer Cloudflare?

When you consider the work required to manage the integrity of a website, being able to do this from a single point sounds pretty good. Since this is one of the things that not only make you happy but also all webmasters, it is one of the most important reasons why the platform is preferred. But more importantly, this entire system is free. To use these services, all you have to do is direct your domain name from where you bought it and then set up Cloudflare.

Steps to add a Custom Name Server:

  • Sign in to the Cloudflare dashboard.
  • Make sure the website you want to update is selected.
  • Click on the DNS application.
  • Go to Custom Name Servers.
  • Click Add Custom Name Servers and enter nameserver hostnames.
  • Cloudflare will assign IPv4 and IPv6 to your nameservers.
  • Add Private Name Servers and IP addresses as bonding (A or AAAA) record to your registrar’s DNS.
  • In addition to the features we have listed above, the metrics it offers you also work well. You can see from the amount of data your site spends to the number of visitors it receives.

Why Use Cloudflare? - Why Is It Preferred?

Will It Work?

Considering all these features, CF, which has a beneficial infrastructure, is one of the systems preferred by webmasters.

So Is The System’s Offer Limited To These?

We can answer this very quickly “Definitely not”. Although Cloudflare offers free use of its main modules, there are many other add-ons and different services at the backside. With its add-ons, you can improve this system more, get higher performance and security. Also, thanks to the streaming service they developed for video broadcasting, you can broadcast directly via Cloudflare with your player without uploading your videos to your site.

Another unique element of Cloudflare is that site administrators can quickly adapt it with shallow knowledge. Let’s assume that starter degree webmasters do not have the technical expertise to place the Google Analytics code to track their site traffic. All you need is installing the add-on you need to Cloudflare and send the information to Google Analytics. This option will eliminate concerns about pages on your site for which you forgot to add the Google Analytics code, and any risk of slowing down after placing the code.

In addition to all of these, you will not have any problems in using it, as all companies that provide free hosting also support this system.

Why Cloudflare Preferred by Webmasters?

Now ask yourself the same question again. I think you can quickly answer this question yourself. Who wouldn’t want to use the CDN system, which preferred due to its easy installation and services? Of course, when you have advanced knowledge, you will find different alternatives.

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