A new theory about Professor Hulk in Avengers 4

A new theory about Professor Hulk in Avengers 4

One of the biggest cinema events of the last year was undoubtedly the Avengers Infinity War. Infinity War, which satisfies everyone in terms of story and acting, was also highly anticipated.

The biggest issue about the movie was that we never saw Hulk (if we don’t count the beginning of the movie). We never saw him again after he was beaten by Thanos. For some reason, Bruce Banner couldn't bring the Hulk back.

In the Avengers Endgame, things seem to change. According to this theory that showed up on Reddit, we will see the Hulk very often in the new movie.

Professor Hulk is coming!

You may have heard the theory of Ancient One being in the new movie. According to the theory, Bruce Banner travels in time when the Ancient One was still alive and Doctor Strange was a student. Here, the Avengers team explains the situation to Ancient One and she gives the stone to them in order to help the Avengers team. In the meantime, the Ancient One helps both Bruce and the Hulk and helps Hulk to become Professor Hulk. So in the first leaked Endgame images, we saw him as Professor Hulk, so when the power and intelligence of the Hulk are combined, we think that he will be one of the most important Avengers team members in the movie.

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