A new video is released for The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part 2 has a new video. Information was made about the world of the highly anticipated game with in-game images and developer explanations.

A new video is released for The Last of Us Part II

Game Assistant Director Kurt Margenau debuted, saying that the world of the game is much bigger than the first game in every sense and the physical environments that can be explored. Halley Gross explained that the world is full of dangers and we should be careful in almost every corner you turn. Gross said that most regions in the game’s world, such as slopes, rivers, and plains, are hostile and insecure. Also, the art director of the game, John Sweeney, stated that the bullets in the gun will never be enough and we will never have time to bandage ourselves. While stating that they want to design the atmosphere of an environment where life is rebuilt by killing people and looting. He also included some of his basic ideas in his speech at the art design stage. He added that it is also possible to hear the voices of children laughing at the town and people eating at the restaurant as they progress through the town. The in-game images, which contain the innocence of the city and the cruelty of the world at the same time, were also shown.

A new video is released for The Last of Us Part II

Game Assistant Director Anthony Newman stated that he explained what kind of benefits the town of Jackson provided to the player. He said that this digital place, where you can fall in love, where children can play, and where you live a peaceful and comfortable life, reminds us how much we can actually do in our lives today.

Seattle is constantly raining and all parts of the ruined city are taken back by greenery. John Sweeney stated that every part of the world can be plundered, the hunted animals are also included, and they are all intertwined.

It was mentioned that very different groups in the world of the game were fighting for the resources needed for survival and that we were in a community called “Washington Liberation Front” in Seattle. It was added that the army caused some violent incidents in quarantined areas. We will fight against groups that have succeeded in the army and have managed to take their equipment, which explains how dangerous the world is.

Here is the video:

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