A spam message is used to reset our PS4’s to factory settings

It was reported that a message is used to force your PS4 to get back to factory settings just by opening that message or worse, receiving it. But how does it do that? Simply, the message contains certain specific characters and these characters mess with the software. It is similar to the incident that happened with the special character cause iPhones to crash. Factory resets cause your data to be cleared entirely. Oh no, we don’t want that, not at all. So what should we do?

Spam message force your PS4 to reset to factory settings

Reddit user Huntstark explains a way to prevent it. “There is a new glitch that basically bricks your console and forces you to factory reset it. Even deleting the message from the mobile app doesn’t work. It happened to me during Rainbow Six: Siege. A player from the other team used a dummy account to send the message and crashed my entire team. We all have had to factory reset. Only one of our guys wasn’t affected and he has his messages private.”. So this means you have to set your privacy settings to “Friends Only” or “No One”. You can prevent receiving messages from strangers this way.

OpTic Gaming’s Dashy was one of the victims of this incident and he was broadcasting live at that moment. He has managed to fix it by doing a reset and he changed his Privacy Settings to “No One”. You can watch the video below.


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