An Important Part from the Story of Marvel’s Avengers Has Been Leaked

Crystal Dinamic‘s newest game Marvel’s Avengers was recently talked about at PAX in Australia. Players who participated in the event got a chance to play the game and the devs game some more info about it. The length of the game will be about 10 to 12 hours. However, there was a secret filming during the event and brought some very important details to light. The video was uploaded through Reddit, showing us the game’s main mission screen. Marvel’s Avengers is developed to be half open world. However, this is not the truly important detail that has been leaked. Another Marvel fan noticed in the video that the name Agent Garza had been listed. Agent Garza, also known as Sarah Garza is from Marvel’s Inhumans series. This might mean that Inhumans characters will have a role in the plot too.

An Important Part from the Story of Marvel’s Avengers Has Been Leaked

The game was assumed to be centered around the Avengers but with the Inhumans as a part of it, it may exceed expectations. The current game wasn’t satisfactory to all fans but the inclusion of Inhumans might change this. 

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