Apex Legends Characters Guide – Which one should you choose?

EA and Respawn Entertainment has released their squad based battle royale Apex Legends. The game looks like a Titanfall game and even some weapons has similar names. Players need to choose a character from eight Legends, but which one should you choose?

Apex Legends Characters

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There are 8 different characters in Apex Legends which is called Legends. They are all different in roles, weapons and skills. 

Bangalore – Professional Soldier

apex legends characters which one should you choose 2 1

Passive: Double Time

  • Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time

Tactical (Q): Smoke Launcher

  • Fire a high velocity smoke canister that explored into a smoke wall on impact.

Ultimate (Z): Rolling Thunder

  • Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.

Opinion: Bangalore is very good in DPS role and easy to play. You can also confuse enemies with Smoke Launcher when you need to protect your team mates.

Bloodhound – Technological Tracker

apex legends characters which one should you choose 3 1

Passive: Tracker

  • Foes leave behind clues for you to find

Tactical (Q): Eye of the Allfather

  • Briefly reveal enemis, traps and clues through all structures in front of you

Ultimate (Z): Beast of the Hunter

  • Transform into the ultimate hunter. Enhances your senses, allowing you to see cold tracks and move faster.

Opinion: Bloodhound is very good on tracking enemies. When you use your ultimate, all enemies and their footprints are highlighted. He is powerful when used in teamplay.

Caustic – Toxic Trapper

apex legends characters which one should you choose 4 1

Passive skill: Nox Vision

  • You gain threat vision on enemies moving through your gas.

Tactical (Q): Nox Gas Trap

  • Place up to 6 canisters that release deadly Nox has when shot or triggered by enemies.

Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade

  • Blanket a large area in Nox gas.

Opinion: Very good for assassinate or camping. You can use your gas canisters to poison your enemies and watch them die. 

Gibraltar – Shielded Fortress

apex legends characters which one should you choose 5 1

Passive skill: Gun Shield

  • Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire

Tactical (Q): Dome of Protection

  • Throw down a dome-shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds

Ultimate (Z): Defensive Bombardment

  • Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a position you mark with smoke.

Opinion: With his shield and abilities, you can think him a tank. You can protect your teammates from bullets, but don't underestimate his ultimate, it is powerful.

Lifeline – Combat Medic

apex legends characters which one should you choose 6 1

Passive skill: Combat Medic

  • Revive knocked down teammates faster while protected by a shield wall. Healing items are used 25% faster.

Tactical (Q): D.O.C. Heal Drone

  • The Drone of Compassion (DOC) automatically heals those near it over time.

Ultimate (Z): Care Package

  • Call in a drop full of high quality defensive gear.

Opinion: Best class you can have in your team. You can heal yourself and revive teammates much faster thanks to your passive. And her ultimate is a really good for teamplays. 

Mirage – Holographic Trickster

apex legends characters which one should you choose 7 1

Passive skill: Encore!

  • Automatically drop a decoy and cloak for 5 seconds when knocked down.

Tactical (Q): Psyche Out

  • Send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.

Ultimate (Z): Vanishing Act

  • Mirage deploys a team of decoys to distract enemies while he cloaks.

Opinion: If you like to play with your enemies, Mirage is for you. You can distract enemies with your decoy skill and you can kill them from behind.

Pathfinder – Forward Scout

apex legends characters which one should you choose 8 1

Passive skill: Insider Knowledge

  • Scan a survey beacon to reveal the ring's next location.

Tactical (Q): Grappling Hook

  • Grapple to get to out-of-reach places quickly.

Ultimate (Z): Zipline Gun

  • Creates a zipline for everyone to use.

Opinion: Pathfinder is great to climb up and gain information about enemies. With his ultimate, all team can move faster and this is very important when you are out of the circle. 

Wraith – Interdimensional Skirmisher

apex legends characters which one should you choose 9 1

Passive skill: Voices from the Void

  • You hear voices when danger approaches.

Tactical (Q): Into the Void

  • Reposition quickly through the safety of the 'void' space, avoiding all damage.

Ultimate (Z): Dimensional Rift

  • Link 2 locations with portals for 60 seconds.

Opinion: Wraith is a good choice for assassinate people. She can easily run from enemies with Into the Void and also hear voices of dangers. Hard to use, but useful.  

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