Apex Legends Mobile Will Soft Launch in China

According to Electronic Arts, the Apex Legends Mobile version will have a soft-launch in a couple of months in China only.

Apex Legends Mobile will be available in China in Q2 2021

Eventually, the Apex Legends Mobile was supposed to come out much earlier. But sadly, as you know, the pandemic did not let it happen. Today, Electronic Arts, during the quarterly conference call, announced that the game will be available on mobile in a couple of months. However, the developers are calling this a ”soft-launch”. This means that the game will be available in China only for some time.

Mobile gamers all around the world are waiting for the game to release since 2019. But due to some reasons, the launch became impossible last year. Now, in 2021, we finally hear some news about the title. China is the biggest when it comes to mobile gaming. That’s why Apex Legends will make its debut in China. After that, it will eventually be making its way to other regions.Apex Legends Mobile Will Soft Launch in China

Electronic Arts always bring their games to a large variety of platforms. We think that the same will happen with Apex Legends Mobile. There is a very high chance that the game will release both for Android and IOS. But the Android version may take a while to become stable. Because some wide variety of phones are using the Android Operating System and it is really hard to optimize a game to all of the phones available on the market. IOS users should be the lucky ones here.

Eventually, many people are waiting for the release of Apex Legends Mobile since the announcement that was back in 2019. Finally, we hear some news about it. The game will most probably release on Japan after the China release. Japan is the 2nd largest market for Apex. So there is a high chance that Japan might be the second place for the game to come.

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