Apple Presents Apple Arcade: New Game Subscription for iOS, Mac and Apple TV

During today’s Apple event, the companypresented several services that further expand its influence in the technologyrealm. What attracted out attention the most was Apple Arcade, a new paid gamesubscription. The service collects a selection of high quality and exclusivevideo games completely free of ads. With a single subscription, you will haveaccess to more than 100 new video games. It will appear as a new tab from theApp Store itself and it will be available in more than 150 countries andregions during fall of this year.

Apple announced Apple Arcade

Apple is working in collaboration withseveral developers for the first games’ titles of Apple Arcade. Moreover, it iscommitted to unify the gaming experience throughout all devices. This meansthat Apple Arcade will be available in macOS, tvOS and iOS, and the progresswill be synchronized between all of them. The video games will not haveextensions and they wont require an Internet connection.

A full list of games is not available yet,but Apple is promising games from some of the best games’ creators. Among them,SimCity creator Will Wright is working on a new game for Apple Arcade. The games will be selected based on their“originality, quality, creativity and attractiveness”

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