Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance Released for PC

The classic Baldur’s Gate game, which was renewed and released for Playstation and Xbox consoles in early 2021, was also released for PC. The release of Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance for PC was also announced by the game’s distributor. The game was released on Epic Games, Steam and GOG platforms yesterday.

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance Released for PC

Dark Alliance, which is offered for sale on Steam, is a game that puts action before RPG, unlike other Baldur’s Gate games. The 20-year-old remake of the game offers the player 3 characters: an elven mage, a Dwarf warrior or a Human Archer. The game can be played solo or in Co-Op with LAN.

Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance Released for PC

Enthusiasts can try this Baldur’s Gate game, which has never released for PC before. The game comes with 4K support, but it should not be forgotten that it is essentially a 20-year-old RPG game. The Steam version of the game will come with Remote Play support. Steam Remote Play is a system that allows games to be run on a computer and then played from other devices connected to Steam. With the Remote Play Together feature, you can play the game with a friend who has not bought the Dark Alliance.

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