Battlefield V will soon expand to the Pacific theater of World War II

Back in June at EA Play, Electronic Arts and DICE announced that Battlefield V's story would expand to Pacific theater of World War II. And as far as their new teaser goes, it will happen soon. Chapter 5: War in the Pacific will introduce 3 new maps, new weapons, balance updates, and many more before the end of the year.

After a shaky start due to their marketing strategy following Battlefield V, DICE lost a lot of its player base and faced a considerable backlash. Despite the downsides and backlashes, DICE continued their support for the game and started expanding the story after release. Since release, DICE introduced 4 chapters for Battlefield V including; Overture, Lightning Strikes, Trial By Fire, and Defying The Odds. War in the Pacific will be the fifth entry and its full reveal trailer will drop on October 23.

Battlefield V Game Trailer Video

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