Blasphemous will soon receive a free DLC

Spanish developers The Game Kitchen‘s brutal Metroidvania title Blasphemous was one of the surprising games of 2019 that turned out to be quite good. It was originally a Kickstarter that started gathering funds way back in 2017. And to be honest, developers definitely deserved all the help they got because Blasphemous was one of my favorite games of 2019 as it was a pleasure to play from both visual, and gameplay standpoint.

Prepare to return to Cvstodia in free DLC, Penitent One?

If you are also like me and enjoyed Blasphemous through 2019, I have some good news for you. In a recent tweet, the developers announced the game’s first DLC, Penitent One. Although we have no official release date yet, the DLC will be totally free. You can check out the official announcement below.

Murat Oktay

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