Blizzard Banned Over 74k WoW Classic Accounts

18 Jun 2020 Thursday
Blizzard Banned Over 74k WoW Classic Accounts
Kerem Koldakoc
Kerem Koldakoc Editor

Blizzard banned over 74000 World of Warcraft: Classic accounts. The biggest part of that accounts accused of ''botting''.

Blizzard banned over 74K WoW Classic accounts. The big part of that accounts accused of ''botting''. That means those accounts were using third-party tools to gather resources or killing monsters without an actual player being present.

In  WoW Classic's End-User License Agreement, it's clearly written that using that kind of third-party tools violates the agreement. But there is a tool that speeds up the grinding process. So the players do not have to sit in front of their computers for the long grinding sessions. They just activate the tool and it starts gathering and killing.

Blizzard Banned Over 74k WoW Classic Accounts

But Blizzard is determined to overcome that problem. A Blizzard spokesperson said: "Real money trading drives third parties to put an enormous amount of effort into circumventing our detection systems. As much as this is a very high priority for us, it is the only priority for profit-driven botting organizations. The bans we issue are simply a cost of doing business for them."

Blizzard Banned Over 74k WoW Classic Accounts

Even Blizzard's detection system is strong, players can also report accounts that they think botting. Because some players are grinding like crazy and other players might think they are bots and report them. That situation makes things more difficult.

For that kind of situations, Blizzard spokesperson said: "Yes, there have been cases where a legitimate player appeared (to another player) to be botting. In those cases, where a legitimate player is reported and then cleared of wrongdoing, it can be very frustrating to the reporting player to again see what they think is a bot. We’ve also have seen examples where the reported player was caught exploiting the game and was removed from the game, and then quickly returned to doing the same thing on a new account with the same character name. That’s an infuriating sight for the players who initially reported it. We greatly appreciate your reports, and we understand how you feel about this."

You can read Blizzard's official statement here.