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Blizzard teases Overwatch’s new character in the blog; Baptiste!

Blizzard has released a new blog for Overwatch. The company has teased a new character in this blog.

Source: PlayOverwatch

Blizzard teases Overwatch’s new character in the blog

Blizzard‘s new blog is about a find and eliminate mission written by D. Cuerva. Three soldiers send to kill a soldier that is called Baptiste. He is a deserter from Talon Strike team and is a very good medic.

According to the blog, Cuerva is the one who trained Baptiste. “I know better than to underestimate Baptiste. I helped train him myself, and he was one of our best. I’ve never known a medic to be such a good shot, and his adaptability to new situations is a rare talent. All of us have seen our fair share of conflict, but Baptiste was built to survive. I swear he has the Devil’s own luck.”

What do you think about Overwatch‘s teased character? What kind of character will it be? What is your ability predictions?

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