Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Review

Bulletstorm is a first person shooter originally released in 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s considered an extremely successful title between its great band of characters and fast-paced, satisfying gameplay. The Switch version that released just last month is just as fun.

Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Review

From my experience with first person shooters, l generally find them pretty bland and boring but this wasn’t the case with Bulletstorm. From the moment l started the campaign, l was met with incredible voice acting and a scenario that got me hooked immediately with incredible fun gameplay to boot. The story consists of a group of ex-soldiers trying to survive and get revenge after breaking away from their line of work due to finding out they were being used to commit.

After this point, the gameplay truly begins as you start scavenging the planet to find a way to save one of your dying comrades. For the first hour or so, the gameplay is just traversing and shooting down the savages that try to kill you. The gun is very easy and satisfying to control although locking onto faraway enemies was a bit of a pain for me. You are also able to kick and slide into enemies, knocking them off balance for you to shoot them.

Not long after, you gain access to a mechanical whip which can be used for pulling enemies and knocking down objects. It is extremely fun to use, especially to deal with annoying enemies that try to kill you from afar but l did feel that it was a bit too powerful. While this is no problem, the range on the whip is really incredible. Thereafter, you reach your first checkpoint. Checkpoints are used to refill your bullets and improve your gun’s capabilities. This is also where the game’s main attraction is introduced. Skillshots.

To refill your bullets and improve your gun, you need Skill Points and you gain them by doing Skillshots. Skillshots are various ways that you can kill enemies and gain points accordingly. There is a list of Skillshots you can view inside skill points although most are locked initially, they open up more and more as you go through the game. The skillshots are extremely fun, ranging from killing enemies by blowing up something in the vicinity to making them fall off from great heights and so much more.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reimagined old school fps with great gameplay, story, voice acting and characters, Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch is definitely worth picking up. It truly surprised me to enjoy it to the extent l did.

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