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Call of the Sea, which combines adventure and puzzle elements, is announced

One of the remarkable productions of the Inside Xbox event, which ended in the past minutes, was the Call of the Sea announcement. Call of the Sea, which stands out with its graphic style and dynamics, will also bring together adventure and puzzle elements. The distribution of the game developed by the Out of the Blue team is undertaken by Raw Fury.

Call of the Sea, which combines adventure and puzzle elements, is announced

We will encounter a familiar voice in the game, which has the atmosphere of the 1930s. Cissy Jones, who previously covered the Firewatch performance and was also involved in productions such as Walking Dead, will also bring our main character to life with her voice in the Call of the Sea game.

In the game that takes place in the South Pacific, we will witness the adventure of a character named Norah. Norah, who will go on a journey to the undiscovered lands after her husband, who has disappeared in this region, will also open the doors of a forgotten civilization, as she pursues the truth. It was announced that the game developed with Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine will be released for PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

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