CCP Games Celebrates EVE Online 16th Anniversary with Free In-Game Content

Space-based MMORPG game developed and published by CCP Games, Eve Online celebrates 16th anniversary with a one-time even. With this event, players will have unique and great items for free from 2 to 20 May. Only thing you need to do is to log in during this period and EVE Online will reward you with various gifts and as you long in more in these days, you’ll get more gifts.

Eve Online 16th Anniversary Celebration  

The developer and publisher company stated: ‘’Alpha and Omega pilots can earn 16th anniversary SKINs, apparel, Skill Points and much more. Omega pilots will also be able to obtain high value items such as the legendary Silver Monocle, new Permaband SKINs and a massive 1 million Skill Points. There’s never been a better time to return, celebrating players’ and New Eden’s history and grabbing some fantastic items to set you on your way into the intrepid future of EVE Online’’.

“EVE Online has defined what it means to undertake a ‘journey’ over the past 16 years” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director at CCP Games. “We’re sure players will love getting their hands on some seriously cool gear that pays homage to over a decade of EVE Online’s history as we look ahead to all the exciting things happening this year, and that could only happen within the universe of New Eden.”

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