Cities: Skylines Industries released

23 Oct 2018 Tuesday
Cities: Skylines Industries released
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

Here are the features

One of the best Tycoon games in the PC, Cities: Skylines continues to evolve with new updates and expansions. The latest expansion for Cities: Skylines will bring very detailed industry management to the game. You can find the main features of the Industries expansion for Cities: Skylines below:

Industries expansion paid content:

- Industry Area Tool

- Industry Area levels

- Post Office City Service

- Small and Medium Industry roads

- 4 Industry Area types and new buildings for each

- Forestry

- Farming

- Ore

- Oil

- New Industry props added to Asset Editor

- New vehicles

- Warehouses and storage buildings

- Cargo Airport and Cargo Airport Hub

- 16 Unique Factories

- Auxiliary Buildings for each Industry Area

- New worker models

- New animals models and markers

- 5 New Industries maps:

- Twin Fjords

- Marble Canyon

- Woodgarden

- Green Peaks

- Pearl Bay

- More Chirps

- 3 New City-wide and 3 New Industry Policies

- 4 New Chirper hats

- 7 New Steam achievements

Paid content Synthetic Dawn radio station:

Synthetic Dawn radio DLC

- 4 bands, 16 new songs:

- Electric Lights

- Jules Baptiste

- Sound of Neon

- The Cohens

- DJ content

Free update for all players and DLCs owners:

Cities: Skylines base game:

- Toll booths

- New policy for Toll booths

- New industry train cars

- New Trees added to Asset Editor

- Added Dust, Ore and Sand debris markers to Asset Editor

- Modding: custom names

- Modding: new colour light effects

- Modding: Custom buildings, parks, and intersections using expansion roads now have DLC requirement set accordingly

- Make building historical function

- Language selector for legal disclaimer

- Quick Load feature is not keymapped to anything be default

- Added Paradox account incentive panel

- Added Paradox/Steam account link pairing

- Added missing title and description of exposed props (billboards variation, animated billboards, 3d ad)

Fixed: Unable to remove Camera Script in-game

Fixed: Changed the Theme Editor Disaster properties tooltip for Players without Natural Disasters

Fixed: Currency correctly refreshed when changing languages in game

Fixed: Cinematic camera localized name refreshed when changing languages

Fixed: Legal documents accessible from options and Paradox Account creation refreshed properly when changing languages

Fixed: Localized translations are not used consistently throughout the asset editor

Parklife expansion:

Fixed: Unlock all mod unlocks park main gate

Fixed: Zoo Streetlight #1 doesn't have Highlight color

Fixed: Exotic Wildlife Spawn Point is missing Parklife DLC badge in Map Editor

Green Cities expansion:

Fixed: Lights on floating buildings properly turned off for infoviews