Civilization VI Revealed on the PS4

24 Sep 2019 Tuesday
Civilization VI Revealed on the PS4
Alaz Türker
Alaz Türker Editor

Civilization VI, the world famous nation building game is finally coming to Playstation.

Sid Meier's Civilization is finally coming to PS4. The world famous Cilivization VI title will be coming out for the PS4 on the 22nd of November of this year with two bundles. Now, the world famous nation developing game can be experienced on the PS4 also. As Civilization is widely considered as one of the best of it's genre, PS4 fans should be extremely excited to finally acquire this game when it comes out in just a few short months.

Civilization VI Revealed on the PS4

If you are interested in nation building game, it doesn't get better than Civilization. You can finally experience this legendary title on the PS4.