Clever student caught by Teacher while using Destiny story as homework

Destiny, one of the most prominent game series of this generation, continues to give players good hours with their second game. In particular, the Destiny series managed to create a special audience on the console platform, this time came in a different place. In his homework, a sharp-minded student who uses some copy-and-paste in some of the parts of the story written in Destiny’s story and gives it to his teacher, has caught by the teacher.

Student using Destiny with his homework

The teacher, who came to Ishtar Collective by searching on Google, asked the administrator of the site if the story is written by a boy named Lucas.

Lucas, a destiny fan, needs to pay more attention when using video games for his next homework.

Bungie, who takes the second game to a whole new level with the latest updates, may recently announce the third game. The second game, satisfying the players in the sense of the story, had solved many of the mistakes encountered in the first game.

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