Conan Exiles new PC Hotfix Patch 1.40 released

12 May 2019 Sunday
Conan Exiles new PC Hotfix Patch 1.40 released
Ağahan  Çelik
Ağahan Çelik Editor

Patch notes are revealed

The developer and publishing company Funcom just released a new PC Hotfix for its survival game Conan Exiles. The last patch was quite complex and brought lots of new content to the game and this PC Hotfix focuses on fixing the critical issues that the previous patch caused. You can check the update notes below:

Conan Exiles patch 1.40 PC Hotfix notes

AI & Thrall Fixes

  • Players can no longer knock out and break the Emissary bosses from the Underwater Dungeon. PLEASE NOTE: Any existing thralls gained in this way will be removed in a patch shortly.
  • Inventory of Gazelles is now back from 10 to 20.
  • Fixed an issue that made a number of NPCs unavailable in the game.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent climbing in caves and other locations.
  • Fixed a visual issue in which human NPC corpses would flicker or disappear.
  • Nordheimer heart now correctly drops from Tier 4 Nordheimer enemies.

Terrain & Environment Fixes

  • Resources can be harvested in dungeons again (i.e Black Ice in the Temple of Frost).

UI & Text Fixes

  • Conflict option in Server Browser’s Combat Mode drop-down is now functional again.
  • Server Settings in menu can now be saved again.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented resolution settings from applying correctly.
  • The Event log privacy option is available again in the server settings menu.