Days Gone patch number 1.11 and details published

14 Jun 2019 Friday
Days Gone patch number 1.11 and details published
Ağahan  Çelik
Ağahan Çelik Editor

Progression issues are fixed

PS4’s exclusive action-adventure survival horror game Days Gone gets a new update. The patch comes with 4.1 GB size and contains progression issues and general fixes. You can check the update notes below:

Days Gone patch 1.11 features

Progression Issues

  • Resolved an issue related to PlayGo where the main menu screen was not showing any selectable options
  • During “Lines Not Crossed”, the NPC assisting you will function as intended
  • The job “Didn't Want To Join Up?” should progress properly

General Fixes

  • The new “Dead Don’t Ride” bike decal can now be equipped at select mechanic merchants
  • The HUD should now appear when hitting R3 when starting a new game in Survival Difficulty
  • When at low health, the screen effect should appear correctly in Survival Difficulty
  • Updated the text for the Survival Difficulty Mode start-up screen
  • Corrected an issue where the trophy “Don’t Stop Me Now” was rewarded prior to completing the requirements