Deathloop Mouse Stuttering Issue Has Been Resolved With an Update

Deathloop mouse stuttering issue was a serious problem on the PC platform. However, the developers released an update to fix the problem.

Deathloop mouse stuttering issue has been finally resolved

We know that most modern games have some serious problems during launch. Deathloop is also one of them. Even though the critics mention that the game is eventually good overall, the players think that it is really messy. As there are bugs and errors. the Deathloop mouse stuttering issue was also one of the annoying issues about the game. Thankfully, it is fixed now.

The players were eventually complaining about the Denuvo DRM causing all of these stupid issues. However, it was not only the DRM. In fact, there is a wider issue about the game that needs a fix. And it looks like Bethesda started to fix these issues one by one. Today, Bethesda released an update about the Deathloop mouse stuttering issue.

Deathloop Mouse Stuttering Issue Has Been Resolved With an Update

  • This hotfix addresses an issue experienced by some players on PC whereby mouse-based camera movement could result in the appearance of “stutter.”

Bethesda looks aware of all the bad things that affect gameplay. Thus, they decided to fix the issues. “Additionally, we are looking into a separate, but related issue that we have identified as a factor that may also be a cause of stuttering at high framerates. We will update further on this as soon as we have more information.” says the company about the issues of the game.

As we said, Deathloop had mixed reviews when it first came out and most of the negative reviews were about technical issues and not the game itself. And the game gets better with updates, so does the user reviews on Steam. The game got a positive rating on the official Steam page. The game is also available on PS5 where it is a timed console exclusive for one year.


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