Diablo Immortal release date got delayed again

6 Nov 2019 Wednesday
Diablo Immortal release date got delayed again
Berr Turan
Berr Turan Editor

BlizzCon 2018's controversial title Diablo Immortal's release date is delayed yet again with no certain dates to look for in the future

Blizzard's mobile Diablo experience Diablo Immortal was announced at the last year's BlizzCon 2018. And since then, things weren't so positive when it came to talking about the title. The fans were angry, BlizzCon was a disaster, and the release date was so far away. And frankly, it's been a year but Diablo Immortal clearly has a long way to go before release.

Blizzard postponed the release date for Diablo Immortal

In a recent Blizzard blog post about Diablo Immortal, Blizzard announced that the title was not close to the "Blizzard level quality". Plus, the company didn't give a certain release date this time. It seems like neither the fans or the mobile gamers are hyped or angry about Immortal anymore. The outcome could've been so different if the mobile title Immortal was announced after Diablo 4, but here we are. Blizzard also released a development update video 5 days ago. You can check it out below.