Dota International 10 Prize Pool Hit Record Numbers

The prize pool for one of the world’s largest esports tournaments, Dota International 10, continues to expand. This year’s prize pool of Dota 2 The International has already managed to break a record as the most lucrative esports tournament. The previous record was also the prize pool of last year’s $ 34.3 million.

Dota 2 The International, again broke a record with the prize pool

Dota 2 developer Valve had to postpone The International 10 tournament this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This delay was announced in April. Valve has not announced a new date yet. It is not even clear whether the tournament will take place in 2020, but the prize pool continues to fill.

Valve tweeted Monday that they haven’t set a date for The International 10 yet and that Dota Pro Circuit will not be able to return yet. Here is Valve’s briefing tweet about Dota 2 The International and Dota Pro Circuit:

The prize pool for The International tournament is $ 9.99. It is funded by the sale of Dota 2 Battle Pass ($ 29.53 to unlock 50 additional levels or $ 44.99 to level up 100 simultaneously). This is a system that rewards players with in-game rewards and cosmetics as they progress through levels. 25 percent of the revenue from the sale of this product goes to the prize pool of the major tournament. So the prize pool grows as players continue to buy. As of now, the prize pool of The International 10 tournament has reached $ 34,451,318. This shows that the prize pool of this year, which is currently 34.4 million dollars, has slightly exceeded when we compare it to the last year’s event. The new prize pool will continue to grow thanks to the sales until the end of next month.

Dota International 10 Prize Pool Hit Record Numbers

The date of The International, which has the distinction of being the tournament with the biggest prize pool ever, remains uncertain. Current Battle Pass sales will continue until September 19. This means that the prize pool has plenty of time to keep growing.

As it affects the entire gaming industry, COVID-19 continues to drag the giants of the industry into uncertainty.

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