Dr. Strange can change everthing

Dr. Strange can change everthing

Marvel which amazed us with its Avengers: Infinity War movie last summer, made us curious about new Avengers 4 movie. In the scenario of Avengers: Infinity War, writers made a critical event – The Snap – and lots of our favourite super heroes turned to dust (and presumed dead) . With this event only a few strong heroes – Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk – left behind. Probably producers of movie are planning to bring dead heroes back in Avengers 4. But still we are not sure how they will do it.

Is Doctor Strange really dead?

In a fan theory which appeared today, things can change in Avengers 4. According to some Marvel fans, Thanos didn’t kill Doctor Strange with The Snap movie. Fans think that, Doctor Strange has survived from The Snap with astral  travel, like The Ancient One did in Doctor Strange movie. So Doctor Strange has just lost his body, not his soul.  

Even Fans think that, Ant Man will rescue his soul from quantum dimension when he is travelling in it. We have lots of theory about Avengers 4 movie and none of them are confirmed yet. But this is a really good and logical theory, if we thought others. Avengers 4 will be aired at 3rd May 2019 and We are really curious about what we will see in the movie.  

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