Dying Light 2 Details: Vehicles or Firearms Will Not Be Available

On Monday, the developers came up with some interesting details about Dying Light 2. According to them, there won’t be any firearms or vehicles.

Dying Light 2 devs give interesting details

On the official AMA of Dying Light 2, interesting details came out to the surface. Because according to the developers, the game will not feature any firearms or vehicles. The developers decided this in order to make the players relying more on freerunning and melee weapons. Which is a good thing because the first Dying Light game came out as a parkour game rather than just an ususal shooter. That’s why the players fell in love with the game.

According to Tymon Smektała, he wants to give players a more realistic experience. Saying that there are ”no firearms in the world of Dying Light 2”. Because the humanity is mostly over. They are desperate, and there is no easy access to any weapons. Instead, players have to rely on knives, bows and some other unique handmade weapons that will be availabe in the game.Dying Light 2 Details: Vehicles or Firearms Will Not Be Available

And let’s get to the vehicle details of the Dying Light 2.  Again, according to Smektała, the game will feature only one mission that includes a vehicle. Because Smektała thinks that the “other traversal methods are way way more interesting” and the parkour and melee weapons are the “DNA of Dying Light”. So in order to traverse the city, you can run, use hook or a paraglider. These are eventually enough to travel most likely.

The map size will be twice as big as the first game

And here is another interesting thing: The map size of Dying Light 2 will be twice as big as the first title. Smektała explains that the map will be almost seven square kilometers in size. And contains plenty of building with multiple floors to explore. He even tells that there will be huge buildings and Skyscrapers in the game so you can get inside and explore. There is still no word when the game will release as it got delayed back then. But many think that it will be sometime in 2022.

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