Dying Light 2 Developer Update Won’t Show the Release Date

Dying Light 2 developer Techland confirms that there will be no release date announcement on the upcoming developer update.

Dying Light 2 developer update won’t include a release date announcement

There will be an update for Dying Light 2 on March 17. Many people were waiting for a release date announcement. But from what it looks like, this will not happen anytime soon. Because in a message on the official Discord Server of Dying Light 2, a developer said that the fans should keep their expectations low. They will offer more than just an update but not the release date.

“Honestly, to keep the expectations in tact [sic] I can say already that there won’t be a release date announcement, but there will be more than simple ‘the development is going smoothly,’ ” said the developer about the upcoming developer update for Dying Light 2. It looks like we will have to wait more to learn something about the release date.Dying Light 2 Developer Update Won't Show the Release Date

The game will offer 4 player co-op just like the first title of the series. However, the developers note that this one is better in their opinion. The developers state that they cannot confirm or deny some important things about the game. From what it looks like, we will have to wait and see what the developer update of Dying Light 2 will be about when the time comes.

Dying Light 2 was announced in Spring 2020. And we cannot hear satisfying updates since then. The most recent update about the game will be on March 17. The delays, employees leaving Techland and of course, the pandemic causes the game to get a delay most probably. Let’s hope that there will be no more delays for the game as the players start to think that the game will get cancelled. We need some zombie-slaying games with good gameplay. And that’s where Dying Light 2 comes in. Good night, good luck!


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