Apple Rejects Facebook Gaming App Again

Known in the world by technology Apple refused Facebook Gaming App. Apple has repeatedly declined Facebook’s new game app to appear on the App Store in accordance with its own rules. We think this is the fifth time. So what is the thought behind this situation?

In the past few days, Facebook is getting ready to enter Apple’s market.
Managers and engineers in the gaming section of Facebook presented their Facebook apps to Apple last month for the approval of the iPhone app to be available in the App Store. Of course, it was not as expected, the result is rejection.

Facebook Gaming wants to be on the App Stores

Apple Rejects Facebook Gaming App Again

Apple evaluated Facebook’s application day by day. This month, he made his decision: he was rejected.

The Facebook team was not surprised. Apple had never said no to the Facebook Game application. Or secondly. Even the third one. This is exactly the fifth rejection.

Since February, Apple has rejected at least five versions of Facebook Games, according to three people who have learned about companies talking about their anonymity because the details are confidential. People said that each time, Apple showed the rules that ban apps from the “main purpose” of distributing casual games. Of course, this is all rumor. As a result, the situation remains a secret.

As two different people say, it may have hurt Facebook Games by appearing to compete with Apple’s own game sales. Games are the most lucrative mobile app category in the world. This is a definite fact. The only officially approved place for iPhone and iPad users to find new games and other programs is the Apple App Store. The Apple Store proved itself last year, with about $ 15 billion in earnings.

Apple’s rejection of the application from Facebook shows the control it exerts on the mobile software and entertainment ecosystem. On Tuesday, the European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, told Apple that it launched an official antitrust investigation to determine if the conditions applied to the application developers violated the competition rules. Of course, every organization is trying to protect its own market. We will wait and see the results.

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