Fall Guys Season 3: 7 New Levels, 30+ Skins and More

It’s getting close for the Fall Guys: Season 3 and Mediatonic revealed more features of the new season. In season 2, a medieval theme was used. It seems like the new season will be winter themed. Let’s check what’s waiting us in the new season.

Fall Guys Season 3: 7 New Levels, 30+ Skins and More

Mediatonic said: “Season 3 will add 7 new levels, 30+ news skins, and ‘many more festive surprises yet to be revealed’. IGN will be exclusively revealing some of that new content later this week, so make sure to check back with us.” on their twitter account.

J.J. Juson, level designer of Fall Guys stated that obstacles in the new season will be “the most exciting yet”. Mediatonic revealed just four of the new costumes. These costumes will be a yeti, a candle, a princess, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The new season planned to be released on 15 December.

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Fall Guys became really popular in a very short time and sold more than 11 million copies. Mediatonic also confirmed that it became the most downloaded PlayStation Plus freebie of all time. The game recently won best multiplayer game at the 2020 Golden Joysticks and also got the top place for best community support at 2020 Game Awards. You can watch the Fall Guys: Season 3 trailer below. Stay tuned, enjoy.


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