File size of Kingdom Hearts III is revealed officially

The file size of Kingdom Hearts 3 is revealed. The Kingdom Hearts 3 game, the sequel to Kingdom Hearts series, is available on Microsoft Store. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be 35.8 GB.

How large is the file size of Kingdom Hearts III?

The development process of Kingdom Hearts 3, developed by Square Enix, has ended. The production announced five years ago will be released on January 29th, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Kingdom Hearts 3 will include worlds such as Frozen, Hercules, Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monster Inc. Kingdom Hearts 3’s, which has a big fan base, the file size is officially revealed. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be 35.8 GB on Xbox One. It is expected to have a similar file size on the Playstation 4 however there is no information about the file size of Kingdom Hearts 3 in PlayStation 4 yet. It will possibly be revealed too in the coming days. Kingdom Hearts, one of Square Enix’s well-established series, appears to be a very ambitious production.

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